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Earth Consciousness
Corinna Stoeffl

Welcome to Earth Consciousness

Being aware of the earth and knowing that the earth is aware of us.

What is Earth Consciousness?

Would you like to live on a sustainable earth? One your great-grandchildren will be able to live on, to breath the air, to enjoy walking on grass, to lean against trees, to see animals in the wild? 

Right now, with climate change and destruction of the environment, it seems we are headed more in a si-fi direction. Yet, there a things we can do and especially be that will allow us to have a sustainable earth.

This online community has a free section, the foyer, where information will be shared in the Resources. This information is not necessarily 'mainstream', rather it is inviting you to look at things in quite a different way. This foyer is a place where you can explore some and make up your mind if you will join the paid membership group "Earth as Teacher" when it is open and where the main activity will take place. 

What is the earth for you? What connection do you have to her? What knowledge do you have about plants, animals, the weather, etc.? You spend time outdoors, go hiking and camping, or any of the multitude of forms people spend time on the earth. You recycle and do what you can to reduce your footprint. 

I have done that too. Yet, during the past 2 to 3 years, something changed. More and more I am stepping into having a communion with the earth. And in that, the earth has become my teacher. I would like to introduce you to that space in the membership group Earth as Teacher.

The foyer is also the place to be the first to receive any notifications for a re-opening of the membership or any classes I might offer. You choose what you would like to do with that information.

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